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Neighbourhood Summit (co-design event)

Neighbourhood Summit

Improving built environment ‘sustainability’ performance, via measurement, and placemaking performance, via ‘activation’, receives much contemporary attention. However, people with disability continue to experience lack of meaningful involvement in such endeavours. Increasingly, the built environment arena is becoming a private sector activity. The actors involved, however, have little understanding of either the accessibility needs of people with disability, or the inaccessibility. Mary Ann Jackson raises the critically important topic: placemaking – enabling or disabling?

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A 3-circle Venn Diagram containing differently coloured circles intersect with a ? at the centre; the circles are labelled, respectively, Models of Disability, Human Rights, and The Neighbourhood.

Disability Models, Human Rights, The Neighbourhood?

Mary Ann’s article Models of Disability and Human Rights: Informing the Improvement of Built Environment Accessibility for People with Disability at Neighborhood Scale? published 2018 Laws, Topical Collection, Disability Human Rights Law, continues to be regularly viewed and/or downloaded.

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