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(our in-house, volunteer-driven, training and research unit)

VDD Studio responds to the growing need, and desire, of built environment students, new graduates, and young professionals to learn more about the ‘disability + built environment’ intersection.

A colour photo of Saumya, a young woman with curly brunette hair.

Saumya Kaushik

A colour photo of Frank, a man with short dark hair.

Frank Renyi

A colour photo of Peng, a woman with short dark hair and glasses.

Penglong Kuoch

A colour photo of Will, a young man with short brown hair..

Will Scobie

A black and white photo of Ilianna, a woman with long dark hair and glasses.

Ilianna Ginnis

A colour photo of Vibhika, a young woman with long brunette hair.

Vibhika Valimbe

A black and white photo of Priyanka, a woman with long dark hair and glasses.

Priyanka Balaji

A black and white photo of Yasaman, a woman with long dark hair.

Yasaman Davachi

VDD Studio members (volunteers) are expected to work through the VDD in-house Training program comprising five modules: 


1. Disability, Society, and the Built Environment,


2. Universal Design, 


3. A Rights-informed approach to Construction Detailing – focusing on co-design and co-production and underpinned by human rights-based principles,


4.  Research Strategies and Methods, and 


5. Reforming Built Environment Accessibility Praxis – embracing the social model of disability, complexity theory, transdisciplinarity, and (disability) human rights-based approaches.



Module 1 assessment task: Society “socially constructs” conceptions of and attitudes toward people with disability.

In regard to built environment accessibility, discuss three/ four ‘models of disability’ considered to be the most important.

A small-scale plan of an existing 'Californian Bungalow' in Melbourne's southeastern suburbs. An accessibility analysis is scribbled around the perimeter of the plan.
Recycling the (existing) home: Affording the planet

In December 2020, VDD Studio participated in the international competition ‘Melbourne Affordable Housing Challenge’.

Intended to be co-designed with users, the proposed two storey composition celebrates the inclusion of everyone via integrated ramping and circulation routes wrapping around and through the spaces. The image highlights the central gathering area.
HerPlace "This space for her..."

VDD Studio also recently participated in HerPlace – Building Trust International’s competition to provide a safe, secure, and inviting environment for empowering Nepalese women and girls..