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552 Victoria Street, North Melbourne, Victoria

HerPlace “This Space for her…”

Intended to be co-designed with users, the proposed two storey composition celebrates the inclusion of everyone via integrated ramping and circulation routes wrapping around and through the spaces. The image highlights the central gathering area.

Team: Mary Ann Jackson, Saumya Kaushik, Penglong Kuoch and Ilianna Ginnis.

This space for her…designed to foster inclusion and meaningful relationships between different age groups, different lived experiences, different abilities and different family situations, and also have a relationship with self.  

We believe that accessibility for all, instead of being an afterthought, should in fact be designed-in, in This space for her. Accordingly we propose that circulation should be celebrated and designed as a social space for casual interaction, vertical gardening, sitting out on the landings for stargazing, sharing stories, a safe space where one can choose to be distant but still be amongst others within the same space. This celebratory circulation component also functions as an extension for the training areas to enable training sessions to be conducted in the open-air if desired. Acceptance, inclusion and flexibility are the core ideas behind celebrating circulation throughout the complex. 

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Re-framing Built Environment Practice

Recently Saumya and Mary Ann co-authored a paper with Nicole Mechkaroff titled: Re-framing Built Environment Practice: Towards an Accessible City. This has now been published in The Journal of Public Space Special Issue. The title of the Special Issue is Universally Accessible Public Spaces for All

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